Saturday, June 04, 2005

The hills are alive with the sounds!

The Texas Hill Country has come alive with over 20,000 motorcycles touring the area this weekend. The annual Republic of Texas Biker Rally is being held in Austin and the bikers are taking advantage of the beautiful scenery of the Texas Hill Country by touring the winding roads around the Highland Lakes.

One of their favorite stops is the "World Famous" Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls ( ). This restaurant has been written up in several magazines, and has been rated as having the best breakfast in Texas, and is rated in the top 10 restaurants in Texas overall. They have been serving up their delicious home-cooked meals for over 75 years now. Many famous people have eaten there including; President Bush, Governor Perry, Willie Nelson, etc. This weekend you will see a lot of beautiful motorcycles parked in their parking lot.

The wildflowers are still in bloom along the backroads of the Highland Lakes which will make the touring for the bikers even more enjoyable.


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