Monday, June 06, 2005

We sure can't complain about the weather lately....

It looks like summer is just around the corner in the Highland Lakes area. Even though summer is officially two weeks away, we are having more days in the 90s, and we actually may have hit 100 one day already.

We had a great fall season. Winter was very mild, and spring was pretty good, so we can hope that this spell of good weather continues throughout the summer. We really have been having pleasant weather, with an occassional rain and enough clouds to keep the temperatures down quite a bit.

The Highland Lakes area has better weather than most parts of the country year-round. Our winters are mild and very short, and our springs and falls are beautiful. Summers can be hot! But it is usually hot in most of the rest of the country during those months, too.

For a look at what the climate is like in the Highland Lakes area, go to


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