Sunday, June 12, 2005

Internet Access in the Highland Lakes Area

People ask from time to time if we have Internet access in our area of the Highland Lakes area.

When it comes to Internet access, we are well covered. There are four local companies that provide dialup service using the phone lines and four companies that provide high speed service.

The local cable TV company provides high speed Internet access throught their cable lines in some areas, and the other three companies provide line-of-sight high speed with the use of antennas in some areas. You would need to be in an area where your antenna would be able to see one of their antennas.

If you have a telelphone at your location, you can get 56K dialup service from one of the four local dialup companies without paying long distance phone bills for the service.

Usually AOL and the other nationwide companies require a long distance phone call to connect to their service from our area.


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